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A safety net if you can no longer pay your mortgage

Sometimes you can no longer manage to pay your mortgage because of major occurrences such as the end of a relationship, the death of your partner or if you become unfit for work or find yourself unemployed.

If you then have to sell your home, there may be a residual debt. Then the proceeds from your home will be lower than the outstanding mortgage. If you have a mortgage with Mortgage Guarantee Bonaire, this residual debt can be cancelled in full. Then you can carry on without unpleasant financial consequences. Under Criteria for cancellation you can read what criteria you must meet for cancellation. 

What does Mortgage Guarantee Bonaire charge?

Am I eligible for a mortgage with Mortgage Guarantee Bonaire?

How can I apply for a mortgage?

Mortgage Guarantee Bonaire is a guarantee

Criteria for cancellation

If you sell your home at a loss, you have a residual debt. If you have a mortgage with Mortgage Guarantee Bonaire, subject to certain criteria your residual debt may be cancelled. So before you put your home up for sale it is important for you to make sure that you meet all the specified criteria for this!

Assessment regarding cancellation

Criteria set out

Examples of cancellation situations


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